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FASS Diesel Fuel Systems

Benefits of a FASS Fuel System
Contaminants found in diesel fuel (moisture, microorganisms, air/vapor and dirt) left untreated can result in fuel system failure. The added Filtration in combination with the patented (FASS) Fuel Air Separation System will reduce wear of expensive fuel injection parts and keep your vehicle on the road longer. A diesel engine needs two elements in order to make horsepower, fuel and air flow. The FASS Titanium is your first step to smart driving. The FASS Titanium uses a 10 micron water separator and 3 micron fuel filter to remove contaminants from entering your injection system. The FASS Titanium filters will increase mileage between filter changes and reduce maintenance cost. The FASS Titanium, with our Exclusive Mass Flow Return built in, is also a fuel polishing unit. The longer your truck is running with the FASS the cleaner your fuel will be. Increases lubricity by at least 10%. The high output pump on the FASS Titanium will ensure enough fuel flow, starving your diesel engine while keeping heat sensitive components cool. Our air separation process allows the system to separate air that would normally enter your fuel injectors. With the FASS system we are sending virtually pure fuel with increased lubricity to the engine for a smoother idle, increased throttle response and horse power. The Mass Flow Return then sends the air saturated fuel back to the tank for further processing.
FASS Fuel Systems are designed to eliminate air, vapor debris & water trapped in diesel fuel.
Lift Pump
Supplies positive pressure to injector pumps
Air Separation
Gives test cell results in real world applications.

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