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Here at Gearhead we strive to offer the best in diesel tuning products that produce both the maximum available power and fuel economy as well as the lowest smoke (particulate) output. Smoke is sometimes a byproduct of an "All Out" type tune and should only be used at the track. With that said, Gearhead will not produce a "smoke tune" and will turn business away if requested to do so. Producing smoke for the sake of producing smoke is neither cool nor trendy and usually results in less power, reduced engine life, and reduced oil life when compared to a properly running diesel engine. Furthermore, smoking trucks on public streets are almost solely to blame for "modification awareness" and new emission regulations that have hurt both the performance potential and the fuel economy on new trucks. Also, Gearhead does not condone street racing....... KEEP IT ON THE TRACK! We must all remember that when we are on public roads, we are responsible for both our lives and the lives of everyone we share the road with.

"Matt Robinson"

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