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Holders Diesel Performance

Holders Diesel Performance was founded in 2012 by Rykan Holder. Rykan started working on diesel engines regularly while working for Ford as a master certified technician, where he quickly became one of the lead diesel techs. After some time, he started to take on side work which became Holders Diesel Performance LLC located in rural West Virginia. After many long nights and weekends, he decided to go full time at Holders Diesel and leave the dealership. Once we were established in the private diesel repair business and began modifying diesel engines (particularly the 6.0 Power Stroke) we saw a big need for a quality, reasonably priced 6.0 Power Stroke fuel injector.

With that, Holders Diesel dove head first into the fuel injection side of the diesel industry. We invested heavily from the beginning with a top of the line Hartridge HA-230 injector test bench. We did this for a couple reasons. First of all, we wanted to ensure that every single injector we touched was fully tested 100% before being shipped back to the customer. Secondly, we wanted top of the line equipment so that we could ensure that our fuel injectors were of the highest quality, from overall fuel output to idle and cruising rpm tests. We can test for almost any scenario you might find your truck in by replicating conditions such as engine RPM, fuel pressure, injector control pressure, injector pulse width and so on. This prevents injectors from being inoperative out of the box and gets the customer back on the road without issues.
Next we added 7.3 Power Stroke fuel injectors to our services. As with the 6.0 fuel injector, we can rebuild, modify and bench test the 7.3 fuel injector for our customers. We now work with shops all over the country, even internationally, providing quality fuel injectors for the 6.0L and 7.3L Power Stroke engines.
In 2014, with as little down time as possible, Holders Diesel Performance made the move from rural West Virginia to south west Florida where we currently are located. Fuel injection remains the main focus of our business and we are always working to improve the quality, performance, and development of new products for our customers.

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