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Unleash Power and Sound

Elevate the performance of your Duramax LLY-LML-powered vehicle with the DURAMAX LLY-LML TTS GEN2 66/67 Turbo by Titan Turbo Service. Crafted for those who crave added power, distinctive sound, and uncompromising reliability, this brand new, custom-built turbocharger is your gateway to an enhanced driving experience.

Key Features

66mm Dual Plane Billet TTS Lightweight Compressor Wheel: Experience the thrill of added power with the 66mm Dual Plane Billet TTS Lightweight Compressor Wheel, designed for maximum airflow and performance.

67mm Custom High Flow 9-Blade TTS Turbine Wheel: Unleash the potential of your engine with the 67mm Custom High Flow 9-Blade TTS Turbine Wheel, optimized for responsiveness and exhaust flow.

360° Thrust Bearing: Built to last and perform, the 360° thrust bearing ensures durability and efficiency even under demanding driving conditions.

Garrett VGT Solenoid & Vane Position Sensor: Fine-tune your turbo's performance with the included Garrett VGT Solenoid and Vane Position Sensor, granting you control over power delivery and sound.

Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel Unison Ring: Reliability is paramount, and the non-magnetic stainless steel unison ring ensures smooth and dependable operation for the long haul.

High Flow Vanes: Enhance your engine's capabilities with high-flow vanes, delivering the power needed to conquer the road.

Complete Installation Kit: This turbocharger comes complete with all the necessary gaskets for a hassle-free installation. It's a direct drop-in unit, requiring no additional modifications, so you can enjoy the benefits without delay.

Unleash Power and Sound: To unlock the turbo's full potential, tuning is recommended. Experience the roar of power and the distinctive sound that sets your vehicle apart from the rest.

Limited Warranty: Rest easy knowing your investment is protected by our 1-year/12,000-mile limited warranty, safeguarding you against manufacturer defects.

Transform Your Ride
The DURAMAX LLY-LML TTS GEN2 66/67 Turbo by Titan Turbo Service is the ultimate choice for those seeking increased power, impressive sound, and uncompromising performance. Transform your ride and set the road ablaze with confidence!

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