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About Us

Titan Turbo Service was founded by Jon Titus in 2015. He built his first modified turbo in 2005 for a friend's Ford 6.0 pulling truck, where he combined a LLY Duramax & 2003 Ford 6.0 turbo, & after a little manual machining and testing, he had the fever. He became passionate about creating the perfect turbo while working at Ford dealers & after hours.

After working 10 years in the diesel automotive industry, primarily at Ford dealerships, he joined the United States Marine Corps. During Jon's time of service, his nickname was Titan, as his fellow Marines described him--due to being as big and strong as a Titan.  During his service, he suffered a career ending injury which resulted in an earlier than expected discharge. Because of this injury, he was unfortunately unable to return to the diesel technician life.

However, he did not let his injury determine his future, allowing him to focus solely on creating a perfect diesel turbo. After years of trial and error, research, and failed attempts, Jon officially started Titan Turbo Service. He currently performs custom performance diesel builds on a job-to-job basis and also spends time farming the plains of Illinois.

From Mild to Wild, Tow Monsters to Track Queens, Jon can build a turbo that can achieve what you need it to, including what your diesel truck should have been off of the assembly line.  Titan Turbo is here to serve our customers in every way possible by offering a high quality product at an affordable price.  For questions, concerns, or build advice, please feel free to contact us at titanturboservice@gmail, through this website in the Chat feature, or on any of our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, & TikTok).

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