Ford 6.0L 2004-2005 Drop-in Turbine

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Ford 6.0L 2004-2005 Drop-in Turbine

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Brand new drop in 10 blades turbine shaft and wheel for 2004 - 2005 Ford Powerstroke 6.0L Diesel Turbo. 


This is a turbine upgrade for the Powerstroke 6.0L diesel turbo. Compared to the stock 13 blades turbine wheel, this turbine has the following benefits:

*Lowers EGT

*Better top end performance

*Desired 2003/Pmax whistle


No machining required for installation as it's custom made to fit your stock 2004 - 2005 6.0L turbine housing. It also comes balanced. 

**Please verify the year of turbo before purchasing.**

Lead time may occur on balanced assemblies with compressor wheel.