Ford 6.0L Stg 1 DIY Turbo Kit, 2005.5-2007

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Ford 6.0L Stg 1 DIY Turbo Kit, 2005.5-2007

Regular price $675.00

This is a custom direct fit complete DIY Kit for your Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel!!! This is a Stage 1 upgrade for the fraction of the price compared to new.

This DIY Kit includes;
1 - Remanufactured and machined 64.7mm compressor cover
1- 63.4x88mm dual plane 6+6 compressor wheel.
1- 64mm 10 blade turbine balanced to the compressor Wheel
1 - 360° upgraded rebuild kit w/ new bolts & VGT o'rings

1 - Updated Unison Ring

1- Turbo install kit

1 - V-Band

This kit has proven to support over 500hp on 175/30 injectors with custom tuning & supporting mods.

There is NO warranty for DIY kits.

**It is the buyers responsibility to verify turbine size**

**Titan Turbo Service advises a skilled technician to install this kit. Titan Turbo Service claims no responsibility for poorly assembled turbos**