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Titan Turbo 7.3L ('94-'03) Master Rebuild Kit | Revitalize Your Turbocharger

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Is your Ford 7.3L turbocharger in need of a new lease on life? Look no further than the Titan Turbo Service 7.3L ('94-'03) MASTER REBUILD KIT. This comprehensive kit is engineered to breathe new life into your turbocharger, ensuring it runs at peak performance for years to come.

Key Features

Redesigned Journal Bearings: Our kit includes redesigned journal bearings that provide maximum lubrication, enhancing the longevity and reliability of your turbocharger.

360° Thrust System: Designed for stability even at higher boost pressures, our 360° thrust system ensures your turbocharger performs consistently under various conditions.

Front Cover Seal: The front cover seal is an essential component for maintaining proper turbocharger operation. Our kit includes a high-quality seal to ensure a reliable and leak-free performance.

Step-Gap Oil Seals: Step up your turbocharger's oil sealing capabilities with our step-gap oil seals, reducing the risk of oil passing through the seals and compromising performance.

New Bolts: Don't overlook the importance of securing your turbocharger properly. Our kit includes new bolts to ensure a secure and reliable installation.

Upgraded Step Gap Seal Ring Set: Our kit goes above and beyond with an upgraded step-gap seal ring set. This innovative design provides complete overlapping sealing, significantly reducing the chances of oil passing by the seals. Say goodbye to oil-related issues and enjoy a turbocharger that operates seamlessly.

When you choose the TITAN TURBO 7.3L ('94-'03) MASTER REBUILD KIT, you're choosing quality, reliability, and performance. Revitalize your turbocharger with the confidence that it's built to last and engineered for exceptional performance.

Upgrade your turbocharger today and experience the Titan Turbo Service difference!

Please note that professional installation may be required for optimal results.

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