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Ford 6.0L TTS Gen2 Billet Stock Replacement Turbo

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$1,350.00 - $1,700.00
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Elevate Your Powerstroke's Performance

Experience a significant boost in performance with the custom-built FORD 6.0L TTS BILLET OE TURBO by Titan Turbo Service. Designed as a direct fit for your Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel, this turbocharger features premium components that will take your engine's capabilities to the next level.

Key Features

Custom Billet Dual Plane Compressor Wheel: Enhance airflow and power with the precision-engineered 59x82mm Billet dual-plane compressor wheel, delivering improved performance and efficiency.

Balanced 13 Blade Turbine: The 66mm 13-blade turbine is meticulously balanced to the compressor wheel, ensuring smooth and reliable operation.

Optional Turbine Upgrades: Choose from optional turbine upgrades, including a 10-blade turbine or the Gen2 9-blade turbine, to tailor your turbocharger to your specific needs.

360° Upgraded Rebuild Kit: Our kit includes a comprehensive 360° upgraded rebuild kit, providing peace of mind and long-lasting reliability.

Turbo Install Kit: This kit comes complete with a turbo install kit, making installation a breeze for your convenience.

Ideal for Towing Power: If you're seeking a little extra towing power, this turbocharger is a great addition to your setup.

Important Note: If your vehicle has the old-style woven oil feed/drain, we highly recommend purchasing the upgraded oil feed and drain for optimal performance and reliability.

Built from a NEW 2003 Turbo.

When you choose the FORD 6.0L TTS BILLET OE TURBO by Titan Turbo Service, you're investing in more than just a turbocharger; you're investing in enhanced power, performance, and the confidence that your Powerstroke will deliver beyond expectations.

Upgrade your turbocharger today and experience the Titan Turbo Service difference!

Professional installation is recommended for optimal results.

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