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Ford 6.0L TTS Gen2 61/67 TowMaster

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$1,575.00 - $1,925.00
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Elevate Your Towing Power

Unleash the true potential of your Ford 6.0L with the FORD 6.0L TTS GEN2 61/67 BILLET TOW MASTER by Titan Turbo Service. Designed for towing enthusiasts who demand both power and reliability, this custom turbocharger takes your towing experience to new heights.

Key Features

Custom Billet 61mm 6 Blade Compressor Wheel: Experience improved airflow and power with the precision-engineered 61mm 6 blade compressor wheel, delivering exceptional performance and efficiency.

Balanced 13 Blade Turbine: The 66.50mm 13-blade turbine wheel is meticulously balanced, ensuring smooth and reliable operation under varying load conditions.

Optional Turbine Upgrades: Tailor your turbocharger to your specific needs with optional turbine upgrades, including the 2003 10-blade turbine or the Custom Gen2 High Flow 9 Blade Turbine.

360° Thrust Bearing: Designed for stability, the 360° thrust bearing ensures your turbocharger delivers consistent and reliable power.

High Flowing Vanes: Experience increased airflow and efficiency with high-flowing vanes, making this turbocharger a formidable choice for towing.

No Core Required: This turbo is brand new, meaning no core is required, simplifying the upgrade process.

Perfect for Maximum Towing: The 61/67 Tow Master is tailor-made for those who tow heavy loads but desire added power on the road. It supports stock injectors up to 175/stock with custom tuning.

Built from a New Garrett 2003 Turbo - No Core Required

Warranty Disclaimer: Enjoy peace of mind with our 18-month/18,000-mile warranty against manufacturer defects. Please note that any tampering or disassembly of the turbo will void the warranty. The warranty exclusively covers turbo parts and does not include labor or additional coverage.

Important Note: If your vehicle has the old-style woven oil feed/drain, we highly recommend purchasing the upgraded oil feed and drain for optimal performance and reliability.

Elevate your towing power today with the FORD 6.0L TTS GEN2 61/67 BILLET TOW MASTER by Titan Turbo Service!

Professional installation is recommended for optimal results.

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